Effortless Online Selling

Our Mission

At KiipList our mission is clear and unwavering:

To simplify the complex world of online selling
Provide you tools and resources to thrive in this competitive market
Help save you time and valuable resources
View orders from the app

Who We Are

Built in Dayton, OH, KiipList was born out of a collective passion for helping e-commerce sellers succeed. We understand the challenges you face, from managing inventory to handling orders and maintaining a compelling online presence. These obstacles inspired our development team to build KiipList. Each member of our team continues to use KiipList daily in a variety of different ways to achieve their online selling goals. Our team is dedicated to making these aspects of your business more accessible, efficient, and profitable.

Our History

KiipList timeline

Elevating Experiences with Innovative Features

User-Friendly Approach
We believe that technology should simplify, not complicate, your life. Our platform is intuitive, making it accessible to sellers of all experience levels.
Seamlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms, including eBay, Bonanza, Amazon, and Google Store, and ensure your product listings reach a broad audience.
PayPal Integration
KiipList seamlessly integrates with PayPal to ensure smooth, secure, and convenient transactions for you and your customers.
Data-Driven Insights
KiipList provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, so you can understand your business better and make smart choices.