In-App Creation & Listing

Your Shortcut to Effortless Online Selling

Simplify your online selling journey with KiipList’s In-App Creation & Listing feature. We recognize the frustration of managing product listings on multiple platforms, and we’ve developed a powerful tool to streamline the process.

Create new items on KiipList dashboard on the app

Effortless Listing Creation

Handling product listings is a crucial part of online selling, but it often brings challenges. Navigating various platforms, meeting their specific requirements, and managing numerous listings can be overwhelming. This not only takes up valuable time but also distracts from business growth.

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Simplified Listing Process

  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Quickly and easily add or update product details
  • No technical expertise needed
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Centralized Listing Management

  • Central hub for product listings
  • Create your listings once, and KiipList takes care of the rest
  • One all-in-one platform
  • No more duplicating work or dealing with inconsistent data
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Time and Resource Savings

  • Spend less time navigating different platforms and performing manual updates
  • Focus on critical business activities, such as product development or business growth
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Integration with Major Platforms

  • Seamlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms, including your KiipList site, eBay, Bonanza, and Google Store
  • Ensure your product listings reach a broader audience
  • Eliminate the need for multiple manual uploads
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User-Focused Experience

  • Prioritize a user-focused experience
  • Intuitive, stress-free design
  • Easily enter product information, upload images, and adjust details as needed